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Payment Form for Mid-Atlantic Region ICPC Qualifier


Sorry, registration is closed as of 2017-Oct-13 (Fri) 23:59:59. Contact mhtay AT, if questions. Note that registering by credit-card includes an additional fee of 3% plus 31¢ to cover the cost of the credit-card intermediary. You may also pay by check/money-order, as per the registration-info page.

$0 credit-card fee
$0 Total

Item Cost
team $135.00
alternate/guest (ea.) $35.00
late-fee (per team, Oct.07 (Sat)–Oct.13 (Fri)) $50.00
credit-card flat fee $0.31
credit-card fee rate 2.99%

Note, for the security-conscious: We (ICPC Mid-Atlantic Regional Directors) do not store your credit card number, nor even see it — we outsource the transaction to a third party (, if curious); their script+ajax prompts for, and processes, your card info. Our page simply receives a success-indicator. We are able to later retrieve only the last four digits of the card, its expiration date, and the type of card (e.g. “Mastercard” or “Visa”). …and we apologize for their javascript asking for some of the duplicate information on this form!

Note, for the budget-conscious: “Hey, I know Stripe, and they charge 2.9%+30¢, not 2.99%+$0.31, Is somebody shaving pennies?” True, but we need that surcharge-rate in order to net the same as a non-credit-card payment, after paying that processing fee.